September: The Month of The Sapphire

September: The Month of The Sapphire

The 9th month is all about Sapphire! Rare, regal, and strikingly beautiful, Sapphires are unquestionably one of the most sought-after gemstones in the world, and for good reason…

In addition to their beauty and rarity, Sapphires are durable and valuable. They also have a lengthy history, a legendary tale, and a very special meaning. So, this September, with the rising trend of blue gemstone jewelry, there is no better time than to focus exclusively on Sapphire jewelry—the background, the meaning, and the Brilliant Blue Luvente Sapphire Jewelry Collection.


The History of Sapphire Jewelry

First things first, the term “Sapphire” comes from the Greek word “sappheiros,” which translates very literally to “blue stone.”

The appreciation of Sapphire gemstones dates back to the Middle Ages when Ancient Greeks and Romans thought so highly of Sapphires that they believed the gemstone protected the wearer. Clerics would also adorn their robes with Sapphires because they symbolized Heaven.

Over the centuries Sapphire maintained its prominence in jewelry and today is both the birthstone of the month of September and a favorite choice for Blue Bridesmaid Jewelry


The Legendary Tale of Sapphire Jewelry

Ever wondered why the sky is blue? Perhaps this is the answer…

The Ancient Persians thought that our entire earth rested on a gigantic sapphire and that is why the sky is a gorgeous blue hue!


The Meaning of Sapphire Jewelry

Long associated with royalty, Sapphires are thought to contain good energy—the kind that attracts wealth, abundance, gifts, blessings, and all those things we want more of in life.

Sapphires are also believed to repel negative energy, have a calming effect on the wearer, and increase both intuition and spiritual clarity.


The Noteworthy Facts of Sapphire Jewelry

Sapphires are rare:
Far rarer than Diamonds, Sapphires are a prestigious choice for gemstone jewelry. As such, Sapphires often feature in the wedding rings of royal family members. (Remember Kate Middleton’s spectacular engagement ring?!)

Sapphires are durable: With a very high rating of 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale (that’s jewelry industry jargon for highly durable!), Sapphires are tough enough to sustain everyday wear. (Now you have another excuse to slip on those gorgeous Sapphire jewels the next time you head out for a casual coffee with friends, your local store, or even a yoga session).

Sapphires are valuable:
We believe fine jewelry should be enjoyed for generations to come and when you purchase a quality piece of Sapphire jewelry, such as any of the Sapphire jewelry showpieces in the Brilliant Blue Luvente Sapphire Collection featured below, you can be certain that your investment will stand the test of time.

In fact, Sapphires are so highly prized that many have sold for millions of dollars. To give you a little context, the most valuable Sapphire in the world was reportedly sold at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong for over $6.7 million…and that was back in 2015!


The Brilliant Blue Luvente Sapphire Jewelry Collection



14k White Gold Diamond & Blue Sapphire Pendant Necklace



A timeless selection, this beautifully designed pendant necklace resembles a lucky four leaf clover and features four exquisite blue Sapphires surrounded by sparkling diamonds.


14k White Gold Diamond & Blue Sapphire Drop Earrings



At once distinct and dainty, these elegant drop earrings showcase perfectly round blue Sapphires, encircled by a floating diamond halo.


14k White Gold Diamond & Blue Sapphire Ring



Featuring 12 brilliant blue emerald cut Sapphires and an abundance of dazzling diamonds, this striking ring is an absolute showstopper.


14k White Gold Diamond & Blue Sapphire Bracelet



Unique and valuable, this meticulously crafted bracelet includes 12 sparkling blue Sapphires and an array of sparkling diamonds, totaling 3.43 carats of prized gemstones.


14k White Gold Diamond & Blue Sapphire Bangle



Ideal for this season’s jewelry stacking trend this sophisticated design features four heart-shaped Sapphires on an elegant diamond pave bangle.


Sapphires are indeed the birthstone of the month of September, but regardless of whether you were born in September or not, Sapphires are prized for their breathtaking beauty, their regal quality, their legendary history, their special meaning, and their longstanding value.

So, when it comes to high-quality, dazzling blue Sapphire jewelry, like the timeless pieces in the Brilliant Blue Luvente Sapphire Jewelry Collection, you simply can’t go wrong.

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