October: The Month Of The Opal

October: The Month Of The Opal

Colorfully kaleidoscopic and undeniably enchanting, the Opal is a unique gemstone, and the Birthstone of the month of October.

Quite unlike any other gemstone available worldwide, the Opal features an array of brilliant colors that seem to change constantly in different light. For this reason, Opal fine jewelry is considered to be exclusive and irresistable, as each Opal is quite literally one of a kind.

So, since Luvente specializes in fine jewelry that is as high quality and long lasting as it is alluring, this October, we couldn’t resist showcasing the best of Kaleidoscope—The Luvente Opal Fine Jewelry Collection. Here we share all the frequently asked questions about Opal fine jewelry, including how much Opals are worth and how rare Opals are, and we reveal the ancient legends about this prized and celebrated gemstone.

The History of Opal Fine Jewelry

Derived from the Sanskrit word “Upala,” which means “precious stone,” the Latin word “Opalus,” which means “to see a color change,” and the Greek word “Opallios” of the same meaning, the Opal is as precious and colorful as its namesake.

Dating back to 75 AD, Opals were described as vibrant artworks and erupting volcanoes by Roman Scholars attempting to elegantly articulate the Opal’s spectacular play of color. The precious stones were believed to bring good health, protect their wearer, and even thought to bring forth special, supernatural powers.

Then, in the 1850s, when Australia discovered Opal deposits, Opal fine jewelry gained enormous popularity. However, due to the decreasing supply of Opals in modern day, the colorful gemstone is becoming harder to find…and therefore more and more sought after!

The Tales of Opal Fine Jewelry

Opal heritage has many legends associated with it. Some believed the magical gemstone fell from the heavens in lightning flashes; others claimed that an enchanted princess wore an Opal that mysteriously changed color with her mood.

Myth, legend, or fact, one thing is for certain—Opals have captivated jewelry enthusiasts for centuries.

The Meaning of Opal Fine Jewelry

Thought to contain supernatural powers, Opals have been said to hold special spiritual significance.

In ancient times, Opals were believed to give their wearer the gift of prophecy and today the beloved stone is seen as a symbol of purity, truth, and hope.

The Noteworthy Facts about Opal Fine Jewelry

Opals vary significantly in color:
Each entirely unique, Opals can range in color from classic black and white, to vibrant red, pastel yellow, glorious green, and brilliant blue. (The perfect excuse to shop the Luvente Kaleidoscope collection for fine Opal jewelry to suit your every outfit, and every mood!)

Opals contain a high percentage of water:
Up to 21% by weight, Opals are considered highly hydrated, and due to their amorphous properties are actually classified as mineraloids.


Opals can be enormous, and valuable:
Wondering how rare Opal jewelry is and how much Opals are worth? The answer may astound you…
Measuring an impressive 11 inches long and weighing 17,000 carats (that’s equivalent to 7.6 pounds!) the world's largest Opal is known as the “Olympic Australis” and was valued at $2.5 million when it last sold in 2005.
And, with fewer and fewer Opals now available from Australia, the gemstone has become increasingly valuable.

Kaleidoscope, The Luvente Opal Fine Jewelry Collection

14k White Gold Diamond & Blue Opal Snowflake Stud Earrings



Absolutely dazzling, these eye-catching earrings feature beautiful Blue Opals, surrounded by shimmering diamonds, in an exquisite snowflake setting.

14k White Gold Diamond & 5.43 Carat Opal Ring


With a magnificent 5.43 carat pastel-toned Opal at its center, this striking white gold ring is immaculately finished with a glittering diamond-paved band.

14k White Gold Diamond & 3.36 Carat Opal Bangle


Featuring two pastel-toned Opals, totalling an impressive 3.36 carats, this unique and dainty bangle is complete with glittering, encrusted diamonds.

14k Yellow Gold Diamond & Opal Pendant Necklace


Intricate and timeless, this finely designed yellow gold pendant showcases a pastel-toned Opal at its center, and hangs elegantly on a classic yellow gold chain.

14k Yellow Gold Diamond & Blue Opal Ring


Vogue, yet ideal as a heirloom piece, this superbly beautiful yellow gold ring features a dark blue-green Opal with two brilliant diamonds alongside it, on a dazzling diamond-paved band.

Whether you or someone special to you is celebrating their Birthday in October, or you are simply as mesmerized by the captivating kaleidoscopic colors of Opals as we are, the Luvente Opal Fine Jewelry Collection offers something truly irresistible.

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