November: The Month Of The Citrine

November: The Month Of The Citrine

In keeping with the seasonal transition from Fall to Winter, the 11th month of the year marks the celebration of Citrine—the vibrant orange-yellow gemstone that seems to brighten the mood of each wearer, and every envious onlooker.

Citrines are both the Birthstone of the Month of November and the honorary gemstone of the 13th Wedding Anniversary. Their unique yellow hue, durable quality, and prominent symbolism have made Citrine a popular choice for gemstone jewelry for hundreds of years, and this year is no exception.

So, this month, in honor of Citrine’s radiant beauty, we explore the gemstone’s history, legacy, and meaning, as well as showcase highlights from Luvente’s Celebration of Citrine Gemstone Jewelry Collection.

The History of Citrine Jewelry

Deriving its name from the French word, “citron,” meaning “lemon,” Citrines are reminiscent of lemons in their bright, joyful coloring and lasting impression. The term was first used to describe these striking gemstones in 1385 and, since then, the Citrine has become a favorite gemstone for inclusion in November Birthstone Jewelry and is revered by fine jewelry enthusiasts seeking unusual and alluring coloured gemstone jewelry.

Believed to calm tempers and soothe angst, Citrines were leveraged by priests and talismans throughout the ages and are sometimes nicknamed “The Merchant’s Stone,” due to their legendary ability to assist with the manifestation of desires.

From ancient Greek rings and ornaments to Roman pontiffs and Victorian Era Scottish jewels, Citrines have adorned many noble fingers, stately costumes, and red carpet stars alike.

The Legendary Tale of Citrine Jewelry

If there ever was a gemstone thought to bring about the best, it is most certainly Citrine.

From instilling confidence and attracting love to realizing dreams, creating wealth, repelling negativity, and increasing happiness, the Citrine has been said to do it all…including making its wearer more beautiful and more intelligent!

The Meaning of Citrine Jewelry

Thought to invite prosperity into the life of its wearer, Citrines have come to be symbols of the power of positivity, renewed energy, and joyful living.

Vibrant and uplifting in color, Citrine gemstone jewelry is believed to spark imagination, attract good vibrations, assist with the generation of new wealth, and manifest one’s deepest desires.

The Noteworthy Facts of Citrine Jewelry

Citrines are sought after:
One of the most popular colorful gemstones found in fine jewelry masterpieces today, Citrines are prized quartz stones, found naturally in Bolivia, Spain, Madagascar, Mexico, and Uruguay

Citrines are available in an array of shapes and sizes:

Available in a variety of sizes (as large as 20 carats!) and pliable by heat, many passionate jewelry designers today, such as Luvente’s design experts, intricately cut Citrines into striking shapes to enhance their natural beauty.

Citrines are durable:

Ranking 7 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, which gemologists use to explain a gemstone’s durability, Citrines are durable enough for everyday wear and, when cared for properly, are an ideal choice for an heirloom jewelry investment.

The Celebration of Citrine Gemstone Jewelry Collection

From gorgeous Citrine rings with diamonds to Citrine Birthstone Jewelry, Citrine Anniversary Jewelry, and even modern adaptations of vintage Citrine jewelry, Luvente brings Citrines into the fine jewelry spotlight.

14k Yellow Gold Chunky Gemstone Necklace



Irresistibly regal, this 1.2-carat oval Citrine with an eye-catching yellow gold and diamond studded halo is a perfect pendant necklace to cherish for generations.

14k Yellow Gold Citrine Gift Necklace



Meticulously crafted, the intricate design of this diamond-paved necklace resembles a gift bow and daintily holds an impressive 2.2-carat Citrine. It’s the ideal celebratory gift!

14k Yellow Gold Citrine Vintage Enamel and Gem Ring



At once vintage and vogue, this yellow gold ring features a stylish zigzag design with a square Citrine at its center and bands of paved diamonds and decorative green enamel surrounding it.

14k Yellow Gold Oval Citrine Statement Gem Ring

statement gem ring



The perfect accompaniment to the Oval Citrine & Diamond Pendant Necklace showcased above, this showstopper ring displays a 2.9-carat Citrine on a diamond-adorned yellow gold band.

Whether you share our endless fascination with the vibrant hues of Citrine gemstone jewelry, you are honoring a 13th Wedding Anniversary, or you are searching for a memorable November Birthday gift, Citrine Luvente jewelry is the perfect choice.

Ideal as both modern-day statement pieces and timeless investments, Luvente’s Celebration of Citrine Gemstone Jewelry Collection has something for everyone.

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